Iechyd Da or Yakyda or just good beer and food. 

The hardest part of visiting the Iechyd Da brewery in Elkhart, Indiana, is pronouncing it’s name. It sounds something like Yak eee da.  The menu said it was a Welsh saying for “cheers.”  Seems appropriate. 

It’s a seat yourself place with a casual atmosphere, where you order and pay at the bar. There was a guy immediately available to explain it all, and super friendly.  I hope he worked there.

  You get a number and someone helps to carry your beers if you need it, in case your party is too lazy and leaves one person to do all the work.  Just sayin’. Ok, I confess.  I was the lazy one taking pictures. 

I ordered the “Stiff Wind Scottish Ale.”  I have to admit his was one of the best beers I have had in in the area.   Even though I am a little new to the Craft Beer experience, it doesn’t take long to catch the difference between a mediocre stout and a very tasty one.   I had no problem finishing the whole pint and could have polished another, but then I would not have been able to stand. So I guess there are trade offs.  

I tried my neighbor to my left’s  English porter. It was also amazing and I had to choose wether or not to try to switch them when not looking.  I hesitated and lost the moment. The choices we make these days. 

They have food at his Yakity Dee Da place as well.  Prices range from $8 to $12, so it’s a pretty decent weekday meal. Our party of three split two pizzas of the thin crust variety.  I love the pub trend of breweries to have made from scratch food. Not only is it 500 % more delicious that way, but it means those of us who have allergies have a better chance of enjoying our food without sipping Benadryl as a chaser. 

The “Kidwelly” pizza was good. It has healthy leafy greens all over it, which tricks me into thinking I am eating healthy food. Almost.  I am always a fan of balsamic vinegar, so the fact that my share had a rich drizzle all over helped to win my vote. I did not try the other pizza because of said allergies, but there were no complaints as it quickly disappeared.  The crust was nice and crispy, without being burned, which is always admirable. 

 I will say this, however. Don’t choose the same order on a night when you want a rib sticking meal, or one to absorb the particularly potent stout you just drank.  For a lightweight like me, a DD was pretty essential.  But the pizza is perfect for a light summer meal on a hot day. The last object of my attention before I giggled my way out was the restroom, which had a chalkboard all the way around where you could write something entertaining. I could see that being dangerous and requiring some good erasers on the part of the owners.  But seeing as how there was a line storming the door, I kept it simple and wrote something nice. 

It was a good time had by all, so I highly recommend the place.  Stop by and check it out. Maybe you’ll see me, since I plan on visiting again soon. 


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