Midwest Heritage 

I’ve been to two  summer events already this year that have had tractor parades. In Indiana we even have a tractor museum.  It just goes to show how important farming is to the Midwest, since we love and celebrate the tractors and farmers that make us who we are.  Advertisements

Summerfest.  Not just a wonderful word. 

Mishawaka’ Summerfest is a yearly tradition in the northern Indiana . There is music, bouncy rides, vendors selling random items, and of course, fair type food.  Okay, let’s be honest: you mostly come to eat.  The sampling this year there were typical festival vendors, like elephant ears and bucket o’potatoes, steak tips and  fried anything….

 Iechyd Da or Yakyda or just good beer and food. 

The hardest part of visiting the Iechyd Da brewery in Elkhart, Indiana, is pronouncing it’s name. It sounds something like Yak eee da.  The menu said it was a Welsh saying for “cheers.”  Seems appropriate.  It’s a seat yourself place with a casual atmosphere, where you order and pay at the bar. There was a…