Tunnel Park, Holland Michigan


If you happen to be in Holland, Michigan, you may want to see Lake Michigan.  I recommend checking out Tunnel Park.  It features a small tunnel cut through the sand dunes for easy access to the beach.  The tunnel is unusual, and creates a small local landmark.

The park itself is not large, but it also has an alternate route to the beach, which includes climbing some stairs to an overlook at the top of the small dunes.   Of course, being lake Michigan, it is all very picturesque.  You may see some local wildlife in the form of sea birds. There are signs posted warning about ticks: take them seriously; one found me even though it was freezing out. Cover up or bring insect spray.

There is also a small playground and public restrooms located in the parking lot.  The tunnel is easily accessible, but if you are not able to climb up or down stairs, the beach would not be accessible to you (except for viewing). The park is entirely free.


tunnel-park-beach.jpgPhoto Apr 29, 6 26 35 PM.jpgtunnel-park1.jpg





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