Amish Acres Arts & Crafts Festival

Amish Acres is a nationally registered historic site just west of a little town called Napannee.  The farm, which is by no means small, features a rare round barn, with house and other buildings attached, some other farm-like buildings, a school house, and some small shops for the tourist folks. I think there might be an inn there as well. The round barn has a theater in it, which presents some fantastic plays or musicals, should you desire, and a restaurant attached.

Original Farmhouse with very bold resident peacock.

The event: Once a year they have an arts and craft festival, somewhere around the beginning of August. It’s a pretty decent sized event. You could spend a couple hours or more browsing through all the booths presented. There’s also several shows to entertain families, including a puppet show, dancing, an historical doctor medicine wagon presentation and more. There’s some decent food choices should you get hungry or thirsty in the sweltering sauna-like weather.

Historical Medicine show. Small kids (and myself) loved it.

Entry cost: 7 dollars for adults (6 with printed coupon off website). Children 12 and under free . I think ran across something that said the price of children would change in 2016. Parking was free.

What to bring: Cash and credit cards, sunscreen, good walking shoes, and a bit of patience for crowds.

You can walk through an old school house where women will teach you how they work on quilts.

Who would LOVE it: Shoppers, especially country craft enthusiasts. Younger children (able to walk around), Amish/historical/country lovers. There are a lot of activities set up for younger families. Little kiddos would also get a thrill out of animals and the historical buildings open to the public.

Who would NOT love it: Teens, people who do not like walking, being uncomfortable (hot), husbands who do not like the above. (Teens would like the helicopter rides offered if the wallet can handle it).

amish-acres-sign-2.jpg     amish-acres-sign-web.jpg


I never saw a pair of horses so happy to be with each other. 

In summary: I was a little disappointed, since I was expecting more art and less craft, which is entirely my fault for not researching more.  But, being an animal lover and a history geek, I spent most of my time trying to get the attention of the various farm creatures stationed around the place, which was quite enjoyable. Then I walked through all the old buildings and random farm implements lying around. Some are labeled with information.  I  watched Doc Barth’s show just as it started to sprinkle and called it a day.  The majority of the festival is shopping, and mostly for crafts and flea market type items.  I you want to see the historical part, go on a cheaper and less crowded day.

There is some good food to be had, such as kettle corn, fry pies, and pulled pork.   So definitely check those out if you happen to be at the festival. I tried the kettle corn, of course, and some sassafrass iced tea.  I had never had the tea before.  It was mild in taste, with a tiny bit of root beer (sassafrass) flavor without the sugar, and was quite refreshing.

A giant bag of kettle corn, made in a giant kettle.  Sooooo Good.

If I go again, I am interested in trying a preacher’s pie, since I have little clue of what it actually might be.  But it has to be a little cooler than 90 degrees out to tempt me.

My favorite buy for the day were these hand made French pins and German style pasta rollers.  The man who crafted these said he found an extremely old pattern for these, making them quite unique in our day.  They were simply gorgeous.  He does not sell on-line, however, so you will have to simply find him at the next festival.

Hand made pasta rollers


If I remember nothing else about this place, I will remember this guy.  I am pretty sure he could solve the national debt if dollars were kettle corn.  You could not pass without paying up.


Someone told their son they thought this was a a turkey.  City people are entertaining, too.  
Historical farm related items are set around the farm for display

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