Dutchmaid Eatery, Bremen Indiana


The Basics:

Known for: Baked goods, biscuits and gravy. Breakfast served all day.

Hours: Open 8-6 every day except on Sat.  it’s 8-5. Closed on Sunday’s.

Style: Sit down diner. Not too pricey.  Average meal is 6.99. Tipping necessary.  Takes credit cards.

Service: Medium speed. Place is very clean including restrooms.

Notable: Out in the middle of the country around working farms. You can experience where Amish folks eat as well as English (every one else).  Next door to Rentown Country Store.

The Dutchmaid Eatery and Gifts is a little sit down resteraunt tucked in among farms and a few scattered shops.  It’s a unique experience, since a local market and eatery with a few shops has popped up in a really small community.

The Dutchmaid was formally part of the Rentown Country Store, just across the street, but is now grown up into its own full sit-down diner. Eat among Amish and English alike as you are served by extremely nice waitresses. Ours appeared to be Amish as well, judging by her dress and bonnet.

The .99 long Jon caught  my eye right away. I have already had them at the store and they are fantastic. Of course, they brought ours out hot. It was a nice touch that I won’t forget quickly.

They are known for their biscuits and gravy, but I wanted to try something new.  Also, it is spring and we are in Maple Syrup country, so I chose the fried Mush that came with pure maple syrup.

I think it was the least healthiest thing on the menu, but it has to be the best fair food I have ever had (while not at the fair).  The mush is the ultimate melt in your mouth fried food for breakfast with a name that can’t help but make you laugh. The maple syrup was the sugar on top, literally. And if you are worried they skimp on the sweet stuff, check it out:

Yeah. That’s like a $10 bottle of syrup at least. I did my best, but barely made a dent.  Too bad you can’t take that home.

My friend ordered baked oatmeal, a bit healthier than myself.

It was good. It was nice and cinnamony, which I appreciated. It tasted fresh baked, too.

I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast.  We went on Saturday morning, so just about every table was filled, but it’s not a huge place. We only had to wait about 5 minutes and we came at prime time, but I could see the wait being longer on a summer day.

I know the sign says “…and Gifts,” but it really is the world’s smallest gift shop.  It had a few jams, some hand made items and then my favorite,  some hand made baskets.

So you could picnic in style with this beautiful basket and insert tray. A bit pricy for my Saturday budget, but well worth the quality if your looking for one.  I found there number here if you are interested, but expect to leave a message and be called back per Amish rules regarding phone usage.

All in all, a great breakfast to start a Saturday in the country.  And don’t forget to hop on over to the country store across the street for more sweet goods.


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